Ethnic and Roots Tour


• A Clear views of your origin your people and your heritage.

• We are the best choice for finding your roots in India.

• We are helping people to reconnect with the roots of their ancestors in India.

Our Product & Prices:

We charge US$ 499/- Per request for the registration process before start work on client request to find out their roots/origin. Kindly provide scan copy of your current passport with complete contact details and Passport Size photograph.

Payment details

Note: Other Prices [US$ 999 – 2999] is depending on the different factor that be mentioned below:

Region of Indian emigration

A. South East Asia B. Central Asia C. Arabian Peninsula D. Caribbean, Malay and African Peninsula

Indian Diaspora groups by regional ethnicity:

1. Bhojpuri diaspora 2. Gujarati diaspora 3. Bengali diaspora 4. Kashmiri diaspora

5. Marathi diaspora 6. Malayalee diaspora 7. Punjabi diaspora 8. Tamil diaspora

9. Telugu diaspora 10. Sindhi diaspora 11. Oriya diaspora 12. Marwadi diaspora

Duration category:

Up to 100 Years |100 – 150 Years |150 – 200 Years | Above 200 Years…

Kindly drop an email on and one of our team member 
contact you as soon as possible with the prices and other details.

How we Work:

1. Require some clue or information from Clients:

You need to share some clue or information about your family rituals, custom and other useful information that is help us to find out your origin. Our team will now start their work on your file.

2. Research and field work:

After doing research and field work, we sort out closely places that indicate your origin point.

3. Authentication of collecting information:

Now we authenticate our information and collected materials through different parameters. Once our team assured all points we connect you again about our progress and invite you for personal trip on these places.

4. Final Result that be shared with you:

After completing all the process we are really happy to share you final place and community where you ancestor belongs.

Note: We invite you an exclusive tour option close to your particular places from where your origin will match or we find interesting and important information about your originate.

Question: How reliable are our information about your origin / roots?

Answer: Reliability depends on several points such as time period, available information database, origin of sources and important facts about community still lived in that particular area where you belong. Our team member works closely with historians, archeologists and other important people who well aware that place.

Question: Will my origin results be kept confidential?

Answer: Absolutely. When you are connect with us we are enter into a contract with you to handle your information confidentially.

Question: What happen if you don’t find any information about my origin inquiry?

Answer: In that case we will notify by an email. Keep your information in our loop and re-again work on your file. As an exception few cases we haven’t succeed in find out the origin due to some reasons that are not in our control. You have option to request for refund then we do accordingly after deduct expenses done during work on your file. We have some limitation that hope you can understand and should be cooperate with us.