Come and see virgin unexplored Indian destination tour with your family, neighbor and friends !


We all hear hear about several destinations all around the world through multiple sources like Newspaper, travel magazines,travel organizer or from your family, neighbor and your friends. Still we have missed many more destination which are not known and unheard call untouched or unexplored.

These places are less traveled as only by true travel enthusiasts have able to find out such places hiding behind a mountain or located alongside some river with incredible natural scenery.

Our team have discovered and glad to organizing such a trips: Indian Virgin unexplored destination with Buddhism Tour – 18 NIGHTS 19 DAYS

Handpicked highlights of this tour:

  • Experience the thrilling walk in the mysterious nature that being beyond one’s power to know,understand or explain.
  • Witness one of the very few remaining virgin waterfalls and wildlife.
  • Undiscovered location which are still unexplored by travel lovers.
  • These places are known for untouched natural beauty and spiritual power.
  • Buddhist monasteries and famous hindu temples that have center of supreme power of GOD.







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